Vomit Changes Things.

Don’t you find it that even the best laid plans change?  I mean, we can come up with the perfect plan for an outing, or anniversary, or whatever it may be, and something game changing will come along and make it so our plans have to be changed.

Well, last night, one of those game changing things happened.  I was working on a project at the house and Lindsay had taken our son over to her parents to give me the space needed to work, because as you know, toddlers don’t really understand the whole, “Hey buddy, daddy is working so can you play over there, and totally ignore these cool tools and everything that is happening over here” thing.

Well the hours of Sam free project time were cut short with a single phone call telling me that our little man had thrown up at Nena and Pops’ house.  Yes, the joys of throw up.  He gets home and acts sort of normal. We give him a bath to help clean him up and I lay in his bed with him so we can play one of his favorite games on my phone.  Lindsay and I talk about bringing a small snack upstairs, but as soon as this kid hears anything about food, he sits strait up and starts getting out of bed and saying “Chair!” I mean the kid throws up a couple of hours ago, isn’t feeling well, but he “needs” to sit in his chair to eat.  I love this guy.

Well we give him a banana and couple pieces of bread and he has a few moments where he says his tummy hurts, but over all, everything goes on like normal.  We bring him up to his room, play a game for a minute and then put him to bed letting him know to call out for us if he doesn’t feel well.

IMG_2975As Lindsay and I are in our bathroom, she looks at the monitor and see’s Sam sit strait up.  I rush into the room, grab the bowl, and in the nick of time bring it to him.  Sam clutches the bowl, takes in a deep breath and then lets it loose.  Side note, it was the best smelling throw up I have ever had the privilege of smelling…kind of like a banana smoothie.  Well… needless to say, we wiped his face, cleaned the bowl, and rubbed is back until he was almost asleep.

Throw up, as well as many other things, sure do have a way of changing our plans, but its how we respond that matters.  My wife responds perfectly.  Me on the other hand, I don’t respond well all the time.  I wish I was more nurturing and pro-active instead of reactive.  I wish I was just a little better at meeting the needs of others in these moments.  I wish I was less selfish, and did a better job of serving selflessly instead of serving selfishly, but I have an amazing wife who can help me become better at responding when issues like this arrive.


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