I pulled a George Costanza.

So… yesterday I found my obsession with not wasting leftovers may have gone a just little too far, and this goes beyond the fact that I am known by some at work as a disposal.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I remembered that I needed to take the trash out because it was full from this morning.  When I opened the trashcan I saw two slices of pizza sitting perfectly on top in a sealed bag.  I was shocked and appalled that two very good pieces of leftover would just be thrown away.  I reached down for the bag and felt that the pizza was still cold. All signs pointing to some perfectly good pizza that was thrown away.

So, with my little tummy rumbling for a mid-afternoon snack, I ate the pizza.


Now at this moment I know some of you just threw up a little in your mouth, sorry to give you such a visceral reaction from my blog.  Well I end up calling my wife, who is out and about with our son Sam, because my tummy starts to rumble and for some reason, I think more phycological, my mouth seems to be on fire.  So besides the fact that she is shocked I would do such a thing ,she ends up telling me she cleaned out the fridge before Sam’s nap, which was over two hours ago and instantly I start to feel a little worse.

She gets home and is still blown away that I would pull a Costanza, and to be honest, I am too… well maybe only a little.  This whole event is just one more reminder that I am a little too intense and passionate about things.  I need to be more balanced and relaxed, not always going and talking about what is on my mind. The crazy part is, it wasn’t like we didn’t have plenty of food in the fridge, or that I didn’t have extra money I could have spent on a snack on the way home.  I just did something crazy because I love leftovers and didn’t want to waste them, because in turn that would be wasting money.

My take away from all this, besides an upset tummy, is to relax just a little more.  I don’t have to be constantly going on and on about passions or trying to get to the next thing.  My God will provide, because as I look back at these past almost six years of marriage, we are where we are only because of his grace and blessing and the folks he has put in our lives.


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