How to take your Mom’s Mothers Day to a 10.

As you know, we all just celebrated Mothers Day.  I hope those of you reading this post had an amazing time both celebrating Mothers Day and, if you are a mom yourself, being celebrated.

I know most people do all the things last minute, like go to Wal-Mart Saturday night, kids in tow, panicked look on face, sifting through what is leftover of the Mothers Day cards and grabbing the one box of Russel’s chocolates that is left on the racks.  As fun as this is for most, I just wanted to give a few tips and a story of how you can take your celebration of mom to a ten.

First things first, be intentional. Don’t head out on Saturday night… instead, you go Saturday morning, which of course gives you the perfect chance to head out before the rest of the crazies.  Step two is create a plan of action .  Don’t just live by the seat of your pants, but actually think about all the steps you have to do to execute the perfect day for your mother.

This second step is a lot harder then it seems, because it is the perfect segue for my Mothers Day story.

I did all things right, I called my mother the week before and talked about what I was thinking of doing for Mothers Day. Well it turns out that she liked last years plans of going to the park and doing lunch with my son and I, that she wanted to do that again.  So we finalized the plans and Mothers Day was put in motion.

Sam and I meet up with my mom at the park and we had the best time.  Sam made my mom chase his tennis ball and run around.  We talked and watched him play and go down the slide.  I mean it was the perfect sunny day and we all had a blast.  An hour goes by and so we head to the Chick-fil-A by her house for lunch.


We  get to Chick-fil-A and I get my son out of the carseat and head inside.  As I hold the door open for my mom, pro-tip, something doesn’t feel right. I feel in my back pocket and realize my wallet is missing and a sinking feeling starts to set in.  I fling my son into my moms arms and go to the car only to discover that all my planning hasn’t really paid off because I “forget” my wallet at home, pro tip #2.  Kidding, I felt horrible. I mean who really makes their mom pay for their own Mothers Day lunch?  Apparently this kid.  Well she ends up heading back into her car and breaking out her emergency card since she just brought her license and not her whole wallet.  Needless to say this wasn’t actually too surprising because as much as I plan, I still like to go go go, which my wife tells me I should always take a moment before I leave to go anywhere and make sure I have what I need.

I mean what a way to end a Mothers Day celebration, making my own mom pay for not only her meal, but Sam’s and mine as well.  So, if you want to take next years celebration of your mom’s to a ten, please don’t be me and forget your wallet. Be intentional, plan, and make sure you have what you need before you head out and celebrate the mother in your life.


4 thoughts on “How to take your Mom’s Mothers Day to a 10.

  1. Never to worry son, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator! Take it from Queen Moo Moo! We may plan well, or so it seems, But we are who we are! All kidding aside, it was a wonderful day and I loved every minute of this experience. We sure will remember this Mothers Day!

    • Paul…you made my day and filled it with laughter! Your sweet mom is gracious and more than understanding. I also know her interest rate for that “lunch loan” is very reasonable as well! Pay back terms come with promise of men in black suits carrying baseball bats if not paid back in a timely manner….giggle.

      Seriously, so wish Denny and I could physically be there to watch you grow old in the Lord. So proud of the young man you have become and the beautiful family the Lord has blessed you with…blessings on the upcoming arrival of your baby girl.

      Much love,
      Sue and Denny

      • Aunt Sue,

        You are too sweet. Glad I could add a little laughter into your life yesterday. We are pretty excited for our little girl to be here and she is only a little over a month away from coming into this world. Thanks again for reading and for the encouragement.

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