Vomit Changes Things.

Don’t you find it that even the best laid plans change? I mean, we can come up with the perfect plan for an outing, or anniversary, or whatever it may be, and something game changing will come along and make it so our plans have to be changed.

Well, last night, one of those game changing things happened.

Words Can Kill

Sometimes people just don’t think about the words they use. I know for me personally there are times when I open my big mouth and what comes out is just a river of stupid. I know this is shocking to those of you who know me, but its true.

How to take your Mom’s Mothers Day to a 10.

I did all things right, I called my mother the week before and talked about what I was thinking of doing for Mothers Day. Well it turns out that she liked last years plans of going to the park and doing lunch with my son and I, that she wanted to do that again. So we finalized the plans and Mothers Day was put in motion.

How to Fail as a Husband / Father

Now, I wouldn’t say I am cheap or stingy but I do love a good deal when I see one. The deal that I came across was in the form of a mailer that was sent to our new home. I know, a random piece of mail saying free definitely seems legitimate.