Huff and Puff: How to Look Like an Idiot.

I work at a company that requires us to do testing on product to make sure it is good and wholesome for the end consumer.  At times, because of when the product is ran, it can cause delays for the logistics department, which I work in.  It just happened to be one of these instances that I noticed something annoying about myself, but first, a little background.

I was working with one of the ladies on our inside sales team to make sure I got her needed product so it could ship out on an order leaving the next day.  I had been trying to do this for just about a week and on the last day the product was still not being released and was causing a couple of trucks to be delayed for their deliveries.  Throughout this situation, at each update, I found myself walking away huffing and puffing.

About the third time I walked away I actually noticed myself huffing and puffing and I felt terrible.  I felt terrible because the lady on our inside sales team probably thought I was doing that because of her, and if anyone was walking by or looking from their offices, all they were seeing was an impatient young whipper snapper who doesn’t know how to handle himself.  Once I noticed myself doing this, I quickly stopped, and luckily before any damage was done.

Things are going to happen that will frustrate us and maybe even blow our minds because of the stupidity of the situation. In those moments, it is never ok to huff and puff like a five year old, that is unless you want to look like an idiot, and then by all means…huff and puff away.  Instead, when these moments happen, we need to take a deep breath, maybe say a little “Hail Mary” prayer, and just keep on working through the situation.


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