Not More, But Better

I am not sure about you, but I love my morning commute to work.  The steady pace through traffic before the sun can even be seen on the horizon.  Now its not the crazy drivers or early morning construction that I love, but the fact that I can just chill on my way to work,…

Donut Thief

Recently I have been racking up the “You’re the worst” trophies from my son. My most recent fail though was actually caught on some security footage.

Life Insurance by Another Name

My wife and I were unbelievably fortunate to have just sold our first home and purchase another one.  The process of selling and buying went pretty smooth overall, but as in everything else in life, there were so bumps along the way. I mention all of this because with our new home, we, like most of the…

Huff and Puff: How to Look Like an Idiot.

Things are going to happen that will frustrate us and maybe even blow our minds because of the stupidity of the situation. In those moments, it is never ok to huff and puff like a five year old, that is unless you want to look like an idiot, and then by all means…huff and puff away.