Family First.

This morning, as I was journaling, a thought came to mind; I am always trying to think of ways to serve and add value to those around me, but not right next to me.  What I mean by this is that I find myself thinking of ways to add value to strangers, coworkers, and neighbors, but I am not putting that much time into how I can best meet the needs of my wife and son.  Its a thought that is hitting pretty hard and one that I believe you may find yourself dealing with.

I am also realizing that even though my goals are to serve and add value to others,  I am being incredibly selfish because most of the time I’m really just trying to get recognition and praise.  So instead of helping for others, I am really just doing it for me.

This post is a reminder of two things: to stop serving selfishly, and that my main focus isn’t about my neighbor or coworker, but about the needs of my family because they people that matter most, and are the ones that I have vowed to love, serve, and protect.

How have you found yourself dealing with these issues of selfishly serving and putting others, even maybe yourself, before your family?


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