Memories With, Are Better Then Memories Of.

My wife and I have been talking a lot about the memories we have with our son.

At times my wife has mentioned that she stretches herself outside her comfort zone as she goes outside in the nasty GA Summer and plays with Sam, or as she takes our son to adventourous places like the park or Catch Air.  We recognize that this is a stretch we both want to take because of the impact it has on our son and the memories we are creating together.

When my wife faces her anxieties by doing these fun and adventourous activities, it is creating memories WITH our son, not memories OF our son and there is a drastic distance between with and of. We see how some people interact with their kids in a very far removed way and it breaks our heart. We know that we don’t want to look back at his life when he is 18 and headed towards college thinking, “Wow, we have a lot of memories OF our son and what he did, but no memories WITH him.”

As parents, heck, as people living life surrounded by communities, we need to be creating memories with others and not just of others.

I hope and dream that both my wife and I can look back when we are sending our son away to college and think of all the memories we had with him, and not just memories of what he did.


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