What If We Could Be Friends With Anyone?

What if we could be friends with anyone?

Seriuosly, what is really stopping us from being friends with our neighbors, coworkers, the guy on the side of the road, or the lady in the office who smiles way to much?

I ask this question because I had a recent experience where I took my son, who is 22 months old, to the park near our house.  He started running up the ramp and playing with the equipment, and after a few minutes he comes near a small boy about a year older than him and gets near him to watch and see what he was doing.  After awhile my son walks away but the boy runs after him, gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Some may say a little socially aggressive, but I saw something that would never happen with adults.  I saw two complete strangers from possibly completely different backgrounds, and one throws all those differences away and embraces the other as he is.

I honestly wish I had the courage to put aside the useless differences that I use as barriers between me and others.  I wish that instead of seeing a homeless man, annoying coworker, or completely crazy friend, that I would instead see someone who is my family and who probably just wants to share life with someone.  I hope that day by day I push myself closer to this vision of unabashed affection.


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